Loyalty and Campaign Management System


Innovative solution focused on providing merchants and Customers with end-to-end programs that:

  • Build strong, valuable relationships
  • Retain and increase spending and frequency of existing customers
  • Create effective and customer-relevant marketing campaigns
  • Influence desired customer behavior

Key Features

  • Customer Registration Management – offline, online, self-services & Assisted
  • Customer Profile Management
  • Extensive and intuitive tool for Customer Grouping management based on RFM, Demographics, etc.
  • Customer Tier/bucket management
  • Campaign management; support Email , SMS , Social Media campaigns
  • Completely dynamic and configurable rules for campaigns
  • Powerful tool for Campaign Effectiveness Assessment.
  • A/B Analysis for Campaigns
  • Integrated Loyalty and Coupon, Offer Management System

Technical Features

  • Powerful Administration - Group and Role based system access
  • Powerful l in-build analytics tool; also support integration with 3rd party analytics suites.
  • Social Media integrations
  • API based as well as Offline integrations for 3rdparties redemption & Loyalty Earning platforms
  • Various Configurations available like Customer Fields, User Configurable Password Policy
  • Multi Language including L2R and R2L languages
  • Multi Time Zone
  • 4Eye Verification/ maker-checker concept