Wallet Aggregator

Wallet Aggregator Platform is a comprehensive full service solution which enables acceptance of digital wallets at physical retail locations by consolidating and aggregating multiple wallets on a single platform thereby providing a single stop window for digital wallet acceptance. Wallet Aggregator Platform provides a wide range of core wallet payment processing features that help ensure wallet transactions are processed securely, completely at every stage starting from origination to authorization.

The platform acts as a wallet transaction processing hub, seamlessly integrating with transaction originating systems. It performs validations, routing, transaction matching, and real-time authorization from Wallet Issuers.

The platform is a powerful multi-issuer wallet aggregator system capable of handling high-volume of on-line transactions within the retail, e-commerce and m-commerce marketplaces. At the heart of the platform is a robust and secure middleware server – that is built on a firm foundation of well-tested technology. Capable of operating 24 x 7, platform middleware server is an application for collecting and processing on-line wallet payment transactions from all consumer touch points including classical merchant online point-of-sale (POS and EPOS) terminals, remote Internet and mobile commerce nodes.

Key Features

  • Register Wallet Issuer profile details and unique Issuer Id generation
  • Define fees and agreement for wallet transactions
  • Merchant registration with profile details
  • MID & TID generation for wallet acceptance
  • Terminal parameters definition/ configuration
  • Velocity checking for number of transactions and amount limits
  • Transaction reconciliation and exception/ disputed transactions handling
  • Processing of Issuer settlement files
  • Settlement files for Merchant payouts

Technical Features

  • Thin Client Architecture/Dynamic Transaction Schema – ON-THE-FLY deployment of new/existing issuer with new request/response structure.
  • Supports multiple transaction interfaces – NFC, QR code & manual entry
  • Supports Terminals on GPRS, CDMA & PSTN networks
  • Fixed, regularly scheduled reports; Web-based dashboards, reports, and interactive analytics
  • Secure System - OWASP Complaint System & IP address authentication for application security & MAC generation & authentication for transaction security

Business Benefits

  • Unified single platform for multi wallet acceptance
  • Future ready solution with possibilities to offer other VAS services
  • Rides on existing infrastructure and no additional cost of network for transaction communication
  • No additional cost of development & integration
  • Architected to scale and perform on large volumes


For Wallet Companies

  • Cloud based platform enabling wallet payment acceptance at physical locations
  • Instant wallet enablement leveraging existing widespread merchant network of partner Banks, Oil Companies and 3rd Party Payment Processors
  • Obviates the need of acquiring and onboarding individual merchants
  • Removes operational hassles of merchant queries related to transactions and settlement
  • Single window clearing, reconciliation and settlement of wallet transactions on master merchant model

For Merchants/Acquirers

  • Enablement of new payment acceptance mechanism thereby increasing brand proposition
  • Single window setup for servicing of wallet transactions acceptance
  • Multi-wallet acceptance under same processing ecosystem
  • On the fly rollout and acceptance of new wallets at point-of-sale
  • Merchant self-service portal and helpdesk
  • Reduced operational and transaction processing costs