Material Management, Supply and Distribution Management Solution

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution provide business the control on its supply chain and make it more efficient with respect to people and processes, a better handle on costs. Typically a product has to go through various stages before it reaches to the end-customer from a raw material, production, storages, transportation, warehouse, dealer, retailer and then end-customer.

It is always challenging to have the visibility of your supply chains. With intermittent Internet connectivity and security risk to make the ERP solution available to all the vendors and executives in the root level at a regional office becoming more and more challenging, enterprise are looking for 3rd party solutions which can tighly integrate with their ERP solutions.

Commdel’s smartSCM is an integrated tool to manage your supply and distributor functions of the business for the bulk material industry like Fertilizer, Cement and Sugar industry.

Key Features

  • Stock Indent, Confirmation, Rail Indent, Approvals.
  • Stock Transfer by Rail (RR management, Rake loading, Rake Receiving, Loss of Material)
  • Stock Transfer by Road ( Delivery Challan, Stock Management, Gate Pass management)
  • Direct Loading from rake point
  • Handing, Transportation and Warehousing Contract Management
  • Dispatch and Receipt Management
  • Inter-state and Inter-district Dispatches in compliant way for ECA/Non-ECA Quatities
  • Sales Order ( Normal Order, DSP Sales, Credit Sales)
  • Sales Order Confirmation and Dispatch
  • Loss of Material
  • Purchase order for raw material
  • Batch, BOM and Production Process
  • C&F and P&F User
  • Near Real time integration with ERP Solutions such as SAP in compliant way
  • Master data and transaction synching.
  • MIS Reports and Dashboards
  • Integrated with mFMS and FMS
  • Support all browsers and mobile/tablet devices.

Technical Features

  • Speed of transaction execution
  • Available to the last mile users including employee, contractors and vendors
  • Integrated with core ERP/ SAP in near real time way
  • Cost effective
  • Intuitive user interface, have very low training requirements
  • Audit and logging
  • Maker checker concepts
  • Role based access control, Password policy.


  • Fertilizer
  • Cement
  • Sugar