Commdel is a global professional services company providing the full range of Product Engineering Services from Ideation, Product Roadmap, R&D, Product development and Maintenance, Systems Integration & Program Management Services.

Commdel works with ISV (both, startups as well as large product companies) for specific Product Development and R&D needs to achieve their business objectives and enhance their competitive advantage over their competitors.

We have deep expertise in the Payment Solutions and Enterprise Solutions catering to the specific need of the particular Industry.

Payments & Loyalty

PayNorm is a robust, secure and flexible solution framework satisfying the retailer’s payments and transactions needs. The framework covers the entire lifecycle management of card management system, integrated the payments and transactions engine to it and thus empowers retailers and customer for their transaction needs.

  • Prepaid Solution
  • Mobile Wallet Aggregator Solution
  • Coupon and Offer Management Solution
  • Loyalty and Campaign Management Solution
  • Payment Gateway Solutions
E-commerce & Internet
Financial Institutions
Oil Marketing Companies

Prepaid – Card Issuance and Management System

Paynorm CMS is a comprehensive card payment solution for banks, financial institutions, processors and retailers who wish to issue cards and accept electronic payments. It supports all aspects of card and merchant management, payment authorization, clearing, and settlement.

  • End-to-end prepaid functionality
  • Powerful and intuitive prepaid service offering
  • Merchant On-boarding & Terminal Management
  • Clearing, Settlement & Reconciliation
  • Fees and Charges Management
  • Sophisticated customer models (families, hybrid customers)
  • Rich reporting & MIS
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Wallet Aggregator

Wallet Aggregator Platform is a comprehensive full service solution which enables acceptance of digital wallets at physical retail locations by consolidating and aggregating multiple wallets on a single platform.

  • Cloud based wallet payment acceptance
  • Wallet Issuer onboarding
  • Merchant On-boarding & Terminal Management
  • Clearing, Settlement & Reconciliation
  • Fees and Charges Management
  • Rich reporting & MIS
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Offer & Coupon Management System

Paynorm Offer and Couponing system is an integrated system with inbuilt capability of defining offers and loyalty on the fly.

  • Integrated with Offers Engine for real time cash back at POS
  • Real time campaigns & advertising
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Loyalty and Campaign Management System

Innovative solution focused on providing merchants and Customers with end-to-end programs that:

  • Build strong, valuable relationships
  • Retain and increase spending and frequency of existing customers
  • Create effective and customer-relevant marketing campaigns
  • Influence desired customer behavior
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